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Lisbon luggage storage


A Guide to Luggage Storage in Lisbon for 2024 

Lisbon is undoubtedly a fascinating place to visit. Centuries of history have left the Portuguese capital with a legacy of rich historical sites. Combine that with unique culture, generally good weather, and excellent food, and you have everything you need for a great vacation.

But as any seasoned traveler knows, even the best vacation can be ruined by bad planning. One of the most common problems faced by travelers is what to do with their luggage. If you're waiting for a flight or checking into a hotel, you may not have anywhere to store your bags. And lugging them around with you all day is not only a pain, but it can also be dangerous.

That's where luggage storage comes in. Luggage storage facilities are places where you can store your bags safely and securely while you explore the city. In this guide, we'll show you where to find the best luggage storage in Lisbon and how to use it.

How do I find luggage storage in Lisbon?


There are two main types of luggage storage in Lisbon: traditional storage lockers and hotels.

Traditional storage lockers can be found at most major train stations, airports, and bus terminals. They typically have a lot of storage space and are very secure. The downside is that they can be expensive, and you may have to wait in line during busy times.

Hotels also offer luggage storage services. This is usually free for guests, but you may have to pay a small fee if you're not staying at the hotel. The advantage of using a hotel is that you can often store your bags for longer than at a traditional locker. However, many hotels don't have a luggage storage facility to offer guests. And even those that do may have limited space to store luggage. This is especially true in older boutique hotels that tend to be smaller, like the ones you'll find in central Lisbon.

Bounce is the best option for luggage storage in Lisbon. With Bounce, you can find a storage spot right when you need it, and it's more affordable than traditional storage lockers or hotels. Plus, your bags are insured for up to $10,000. And with the easy-to-use Bounce app, it's easy to find a storage spot near you.

How does luggage storage with Bounce work?


To find a Bounce luggage storage spot, simply open the app and enter your location. You'll see a map with all the available storage spots near you. To book one, just tap on it and select how long you need to store your bags. You can also choose to add insurance for an additional fee. Once you've made your reservation, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the details.

Where to store your bags in Lisbon


With hundreds of luggage storage locations around the city, Bounce is sure to have convenient bag storage for you. Whether you need to leave a bag for a few hours near a Lisbon train station or would rather drop off the souvenirs you bought for a few days until you leave close to Rossio Metro station, we can offer a luggage storage service that works for you. And if you're looking for cheap luggage storage, we have a range of partnerships with different businesses throughout the city that make it very affordable to store luggage.

Luggage storage near Lisbon's top attractions


Some of Lisbon's top attractions include the Jeronimos Monastery, Belem Tower, and the Padrao dos Descobrimentos monument. If you're visiting these attractions with a backpack or large bag, you'll likely have to store it somewhere before going in.

With Bounce, you can find a luggage storage spot nearby so you can enjoy these attractions without having to carry your bags around. And if you're looking for something to do after dropping off your bags, Lisbon has plenty to offer. Visit one of the city's many museums, take a boat ride down the river, or explore one of the many neighborhoods. No matter what you're looking for, Lisbon has something for everyone.

Many of Lisbon's top tourist attractions don't allow heavy bags inside. And even those that do aren't great places to carry more than you need to. That's why luggage storage companies exist; to provide an easy place to leave your bags behind.

Bounce makes sure you never have to miss out on doing what you want on vacation because of your bags.


Luggage storage in Lisbon train stations and airports


Lisbon Airport: Lisbon Airport offers 234 luggage lockers in a range of different sizes to suit everything from large suitcases to small bags. You'll find them on the departures floor of Terminal 1. While this may be a convenient location if you're staying close to the airport, these coin-operated lockers aren't quite so convenient for the city center. Plus, Lisbon airport baggage storage can fill up quite quickly when a lot of planes are arriving.

Rossio Metro Station: This Metro station, with a direct connection to Lisbon airport, also offers luggage lockers. There are only 20 lockers in the station itself, with another 50 in the parking lot outside and 30 more in another parking lot across the street.

The largest lockers at Rossio only take bags up to 36x99x60 cm, so if you have bags bigger than that or you can't find space in the provided lockers, Bounce can provide luggage storage locations that will suit you better.


Baixa Chiado: The only luggage storage provided at Baixa Chiado is in a small storefront on Rua Garrett. This is not in the station itself, but a two-minute walk away. This luggage storage service can take bags of any size, but it can quickly fill up. Additionally, it closes at 7 PM, so there are only a few hours when you can really take advantage of the luggage storage here. Bounce can provide more options for luggage storage in Lisbon so that you don't get caught out by the erratic hours of other luggage storage locations.

Check out the luggage storage locations Bounce offers throughout Lisbon to see where to leave your things.

Are there storage lockers in Lisbon?

Navigating Lisbon's charming cobblestone streets and historic alleys is a delight best enjoyed unencumbered. When the question arises, "Are there storage lockers in Lisbon?" rest assured that the city is well-equipped to cater to savvy travelers. While many museums and attractions do not offer on-site storage, several central locations provide secure luggage storage services. Intelligently situated near major transportation hubs and popular areas, these facilities ensure that your exploration is seamless and unhindered. From the bustling Baixa district to the iconic Belem quarter, you'll find lockers in strategic spots, each designed with modern security features to keep your belongings safe. Streamline your experience by researching and booking in advance, allowing you to optimize your itinerary and delve into Lisbon's history, culture, and culinary delights with effortless élan. Your journey through Lisbon is about to become not only a feast for the senses but also a masterclass in strategic travel.

Is it safe to store your bags in Lisbon?

When it comes to ensuring the security of your belongings while traversing the charming streets of Lisbon, peace of mind takes precedence. Thankfully, Lisbon boasts an array of world-class luggage storage facilities that not only redefine convenience but also prioritize the utmost safety of your possessions. These meticulously curated options cater to modern-day travelers, offering cutting-edge security measures, including 24/7 surveillance, tamper-proof seals, and secure access protocols.

Whether you're enchanted by the narrow alleys of Alfama, captivated by the historic opulence of Belém, or drawn to the vibrant tapestry of Bairro Alto, rest assured that your baggage finds a sanctuary of protection, allowing you to explore the city unburdened by worry. Lisbon's commitment to elevating the travel experience extends beyond its enchanting landscapes, encompassing every detail, down to safeguarding your treasured luggage, making it an exemplar of world-class standards in modern travel convenience.

How do I store luggage in Lisbon with Bounce?

Navigating the historic streets of Lisbon becomes a seamless and unencumbered experience with Bounce's exceptional luggage storage solutions. As the epitome of modern convenience, Bounce has redefined the art of safeguarding your belongings while you immerse yourself in Lisbon's rich tapestry of culture. With an extensive network of secure and easily accessible partner locations scattered strategically throughout the city, Bounce allows you to store your luggage with utmost ease. Their streamlined booking process, coupled with stringent safety measures such as tamper-proof seals and industry-leading insurance coverage, ensures that your bags are in the most reliable hands.

If you're keen to ascend the cobbled inclines of São Jorge Castle or savor the traditional flavors of Mercado da Ribeira in the city, Bounce empowers you to explore Lisbon unburdened, unlocking the true essence of this captivating city in a manner that aligns with world-class standards of travel convenience.

How to book Lisbon luggage storage with Bounce

Elevating your Lisbon travel experience to unparalleled heights, Bounce sets the gold standard for effortless luggage storage in this captivating city. Seamlessly bridging the gap between wanderlust and worry-free exploration, Bounce's user-friendly platform allows you to reserve secure storage for your belongings at carefully vetted partner locations across Lisbon. Through a few simple clicks, you unlock a world of convenience and peace of mind. Bounce's commitment to world-class service is evident in its stringent security measures, which include uniquely coded and tamper-proof seals, coupled with comprehensive insurance coverage.

Whether you're drawn to the enchanting aura of the Lisbon Cathedral or seeking solace amidst the captivating exhibits of the National Tile Museum, Bounce ensures that your baggage is not just stored, but safeguarded with the utmost dedication to your satisfaction. Lisbon's charm is yours to embrace, unburdened by the weight of your belongings, as Bounce redefines travel convenience on a global scale.

Luggage storage nearby most Lisbon hotspots

Embarking on a voyage through Lisbon's vibrant tapestry of history and culture has never been more seamless, thanks to an unparalleled luggage storage solution situated in close proximity to the city's most iconic hotspots. As you set foot on the charismatic streets of Lisbon, Bounce's network of conveniently located partner facilities ensures that your explorations remain unhindered. With a meticulous eye for both accessibility and security, Bounce redefines the travel experience by offering hassle-free storage options mere steps away from must-see attractions such as the regal São Jorge Castle and the mesmerizing Belem Tower.

These purposefully situated facilities allow you to weave through the charming alleys of Alfama or indulge in the maritime allure of the Jerónimos Monastery, unburdened by the weight of your bags. Bounce's commitment to world-class service shines through in their state-of-the-art security measures, including real-time digital inventory tracking and tamper-proof seals, providing you with a true sense of tranquility as you delve into Lisbon's treasures. Your journey through Lisbon's cultural tapestry is destined to be redefined, as Bounce elevates your travel convenience to an unprecedented level, placing every landmark within your reach and every experience at your fingertips.

Where are the best places to stay and eat while in Lisbon?

Lisbon, the sun-kissed capital of Portugal, seamlessly marries its rich history with modern allure. For the discerning traveler, the city offers a plethora of world-class accommodations. Consider staying in the historic Alfama district, where winding cobblestone streets lead to boutique hotels offering panoramic views of the Tagus River. Alternatively, the chic Chiado neighborhood boasts contemporary lodgings amidst neoclassical facades. As for gastronomy, Lisbon is a culinary paradise. Dive into the city's seafood legacy at Cervejaria Ramiro, or savor traditional Portuguese dishes with a modern twist at Belcanto. And for those with luggage concerns, numerous central locations offer secure storage solutions, ensuring you can explore the city's wonders unburdened. Whether you're indulging in pastéis de nata at a local pastelaria or discovering hidden gems in Bairro Alto, Lisbon promises an unparalleled experience for every traveler.


Don't forget to download the Bounce luggage storage app

Bounce is the perfect solution for those looking for a convenient, reliable, and affordable luggage storage option in Lisbon. With locations throughout the city and a wide range of sizes available, Bounce has you covered. And with the Bounce app, you can easily find and book a storage spot near you.

So if you're looking for a hassle-free way to store your bags while you enjoy everything Lisbon has to offer, look no further than Bounce. Download the Bounce app from the Google Play store or the Apple Store, and you'll be ready to find convenient luggage storage wherever you go.

Store your luggage in Lisbon

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