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Lisbon Aquarium Luggage Storage 2024

Luggage storage in Lisbon Aquatium

For fans of the water and the creatures that reside in it, chances are you'll be heading to the Lisbon Aquarium when you visit Portugal's capital city. The Lisbon Aquarium (Aquário de Lisboa) is an oceanarium located in the Park of Nations. Its claim to fame is that it's the largest indoor aquarium in Europe, with over 15,000 animals from 500 different species.

One thing you won't want to do while you're visiting the aquarium is drag your suitcases and bags behind you. The easy solution is to seek out some luggage storage near the Lisbon Aquarium before you head in.

In fact, this is one of the attractions in the city that doesn't allow you to bring in large bags or a large suitcase, so you will need to take care of your luggage storage services needs before you head inside. You will find that there are better luggage storage facility options near the Lisbon Oceanarium that you can take advantage of before you head inside with your tickets.

Where can I find luggage storage at Lisbon Aquarium?


Inside the aquarium, there are a total of 92 luggage lockers for your use. They have strict size limits, and 50 can take bags up to 47.5 x 30 x 46cm, and 42 lockers can accommodate bags up to 62 x 35 x 59cm.


The lockers take a one euro coin, so make sure you have at least one handy, and when you leave and take your luggage, the coin is returned to you. There's nothing like a free locker, right?

If these specific size requirements don't meet your needs or the lockers happen to be full, you'll need to find alternative storage outside the aquarium.

For independent luggage storage companies in the area, Luggage Storage Lisbon is your best bet. It's also in the Park of Nations, so you won't find anything closer.

How does luggage storage work?

Luggage storage services offer you a quality app or website that allows you to book online with ease. Luggage storage services also offer access to a secure location and to concierge services at pickup and drop-off. Cheap luggage storage is available even without resorting to a locker.

Luggage lockers are different in that they are generally self-service, coin-operated, and have strict time and size guidelines, whereas luggage storage services do not.

What is the difference between luggage lockers and a luggage storage service near Lisbon Aquarium?


Luggage lockers are not the same as luggage storage locations. These spots are almost always self-service lockers located in common areas that are busy and can encourage theft. These kinds of luggage storage services are also much less secure and can be a pain to book in advance. In fact, it's not usually possible.

Luggage storage services like Bounce will offer you secure checkout, friendly staff when you drop off and pick up, and insurance, along with great rates.

What Is The Best Lisbon Aquarium Luggage Storage App?


The Bounce luggage storage service app and website offers you access to superior concierge services, a really effective and easy-to-use app for booking and finding your drop-off point, and insurance with every booking. You will also be able to trust that your bags will be safe and secure, which cannot be said for all other luggage storage companies.

  • Bounce offers lots of luggage storage partners near Lisbon Oceanarium, as well as plenty more across Lisbon.

  • Bookings with Bounce come with a $10,000 Bounce guarantee. This means that you can leave your bags with us and know that they’re covered.

  • It only takes a couple of minutes to book luggage storage with Bounce as well using the app or the website, making them one of the most trusted luggage storage services in the Lisbon Aquarium area.

How much does Bounce’s Lisbon Aquarium luggage storage cost?

The cost to store luggage with Bounce near Lisbon Aquarium is €5 per 24 hours per bag that is placed in storage. 









How can I book Lisbon Aquarium luggage storage with Bounce?









What are the other luggage storage options in Lisbon Aquarium?

Local luggage storage near Lisbon Aquarium


Luggage @ Lisbon City Center

This luggage storage service is located near the Aquarium, and they are one of the luggage storage companies in the city with many locations. Luggage storage services are offered here both for storing luggage daily or for weekly storage needs. The base cost is €2,50 and goes up to €10 depending on your needs. Keep in mind that they are closed on Sundays.

Portugal Luggage

Portugal Luggage is another close-by luggage storage option. It's a locker luggage storage spot that offers access to tons of lockers. Storage lockers here start at €1.50 for a small locker.

Drop and Lock

This luggage storage company gives you access to all kinds of different storage options all over the city. You can count on being able to store odd-sized luggage with them as well as large pieces. Their lockers start at €1.50 a day.


Bounce is a better storage option when you are considering luggage storage near the Aquarium. Bounce is the best luggage storage service in the city of Lisbon due to the ease of which you can pick up and drop off and because of the concierge services that are offered at each location. Bounce is also a flexible baggage storage option that allows you to use the app to customize and plan for your storage needs.

Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage


If you are looking for luggage storage near the Aquarium, you might have considered trying your hotel or Airbnb. This is a good thing to try first because it's often convenient and low-cost or free. Not all accommodations offer this service, though, so make sure you ask in advance so you can make sure you plan ahead.

If you don't have this option, companies like Bounce and Luggagehero's luggage storage service are always available to hold your stuff. Plus, with Bounce, you get generous insurance and the ease of booking online.

Useful Information about Lisbon Aquarium


This large aquarium is one of the best in the world, and there are so many exhibits to see here that you can easily spend all day at this attraction. This is an ideal place to head with kids since the aquarium focuses on teaching and helps kids to learn more about the ocean and its residents.

You can get an audioguide in six different languages (including English, of course); they have an ATM, restrooms, places to eat, a lost and found, and a gift shop. This will keep you busy for a while!

Best restaurants near The Lisbon Aquarium


There are various fast food options in this area, such as McDonald's, for times when you might be in a hurry. There is also a really nice option to enjoy a lovely Italian meal at Terra Madre Restaurante Italiano. If you arrive before the aquarium opens, Starbucks and Copenhagen Coffee Lab & Bakery are great choices for coffee and some pastries before you head inside.

How do I get to Lisbon Aquarium


Buses 705, 725, 728, 744, 708, 750, 759, 782, and 794 all stop at the Oriente East station nearby, and various train lines will take you to the Aquarium area as well. Catch the Alfa Pendular or Intercity trains, or you might want to ride on inter-regional or regional trains. The Azambuja line (Lisbon-Azambuja) also heads into this area. The underground stop for the Aquarium is on the Red line, and you will stop at Oriente (East) Station.

How early should I arrive at Lisbon Aquarium?


If you arrive at Lisbon Aquarium early, you will have the space to yourself for longer. This can make it much more immersive and fun to have come to the Lisbon Oceanarium to see the sights and learn about the ocean.

Can I store my bags inside Lisbon Aquarium?


Yes, they have lockers for you to store your luggage while you're there only.


Can you rent a locker at Lisbon Aquarium?


Yes, 92 lockers of varying sizes are at your disposal. But, if these are too small or full, you can always rely on Bounce to store luggage or one of the other luggage storage facilities nearby.

Looking for additional luggage storage in Lisbon? Check out Martim Moniz Luggage Storage and Alfama Luggage storage options.

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