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Santa Apolonia Luggage Storage Guide 2024

Luggage storage in Santa Apolonia

Located in the popular and central Alfama District, Santa Apolonia Train Station is one of the biggest train hubs in Lisbon. It's actually the oldest rail terminus in the entire country, and its tracks follow the Tagus River in and out of the station.

Due to its central location, Santa Apolonia is a great base to use to explore more of the city when you visit Lisbon. Make sure you store your luggage in central Lisbon first to avoid carrying more than you need to. It's especially easy to get to such iconic attractions as the Castelo S. Jorge and the Military Museum from here.


Where can I find luggage storage in Santa Apolonia Station?


Inside Santa Apolonia Train Station, you'll find a few luggage lockers, and the prices vary by size from as low as €4.50 to €6. The maximum time you can store a bag here is 24 hours, so keep this in mind.

For more selection, you are best to look slightly outside the station to independent companies like Drop and Lock, which is just outside the station entrance, and Bounce, which is a little further away, but in a more central location near the Military Museum. It's called the Upper Rua dos Remédios Storage Spot.

How does luggage storage work?


Luggage storage near Santa Apolonia is intended to provide superior protection for your items while you enjoy time without worrying about carrying unneeded bags. Santa Apolonia Train Station offers you a great stop to get off the train line for museum visits, cultural experiences, and access to some of the oldest parts of the city.

Luggage storage near train stations can come in the form of luggage lockers, which are often inside train stations and other hubs, or luggage storage services often called left luggage services, which are usually more flexible and convenient.

What is the difference between luggage lockers and a luggage storage service near Santa Apolonia Station?


Storage lockers are self-service and cannot offer you the benefit of booking through an app that provides a map to lead you to the drop-off spot. You will generally pay less for a luggage storage service than a luggage locker. Luggage lockers are often located in bus stations or might even be in the Lisbon Airport, but they are not intended for long-term storage.

When you need to store small luggage for just a few hours, luggage lockers can do the trick. Otherwise, if your bags are big and won't fit into a standard locker or you plan to store them for an extended period (more than an entire day), a luggage storage service with a concierge like Bounce is ideal.

What Is The Best Santa Apolonia Station Luggage Storage App?

Bounce offers many luggage storage benefits that other companies cannot. You will be able to store luggage at or near train stations like Santa Apolonia and Rossio Metro Station and locations in the historic district and city centre with the promise of insurance to protect your bags, and you will appreciate the concierge service at pickup and dropoff. Bounce offers locations all over the city of Lisbon as well, making it easy to use them for your luggage storage needs at any time.

  • They have dozens of luggage storage partners who work with them near Santa Apolonia, as well as lots more across Lisbon.

  • Bookings with Bounce come with the $10,000 Bounce guarantee, so you can leave your bags and know that they’re covered no matter what. All bookings must go through the website or app, which promises security for your personal information and a clear and efficient confirmation and map.

  • It only takes a couple of minutes to book luggage storage with Bounce as well, saving you time and energy.

How much does Bounce’s Santa Apolonia Station luggage storage cost?


The cost for luggage storage near Santa Apolonia with Bounce is €5 per 24 hours per bag that is placed in storage. 


How can I book Santa Apolonia luggage storage with Bounce?












What are the other luggage storage options in Santa Apolonia?

Local luggage storage near Santa Apolonia Station


Drop and Lock


This company offers various luggage storage locations all over the Lisbon area. They let you rent lockers of various sizes, and their rentals start at €1.50 for their smallest lockers. This is a cheaper option than some of the others on this list of services.

Luggage @ Lisbon City Center


This is a common luggage storage company to find near places like the Lisbon Airport, as well as the car park or bus terminal. They offer various kinds of storage solutions for your needs, and you can store luggage for a few hours or a week with them. Their prices very depending on what type of item you need stored so you will be looking at €6 to €10 per item. Additionally they are closed on Sundays. 

Bounce offers some of the best Santa Apolonia Train Station storage that you can find, and you will not regret avoiding self-service, added costs, and inconvenience. Using the app, you can easily find Bounce storage near Santa Apolonia Station, which will provide you with the peace of mind you need; plus, the $10,000 Bounce guarantee doesn't hurt, either.


Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage


Depending on where you're staying, you might be able to store luggage at your hotel or Airbnb. This possibility will vary by location, so you should check with your hotel or host before you get your hopes up. But, this can be a great short-term luggage storage option that is usually free or very low cost since you're already a paying guest.

Useful Information about Santa Apolonia Train Station


Santa Apolonia Station is the oldest train station in Lisbon. It was once envisioned as a hub that would connect all of Europe via ship traffic and train traffic, which is why the terminal is so beautiful and grand. This never came to pass, but Santa Apolonia Train Station is still one of the busiest and most beautiful train stops in the city's central historic district.


Best restaurants near Santa Apolonia Train Station


There are fast food options like McDonald's and Burger King near Santa Apolonia Station, and you can count on various local food carts in the terminal as well. Taberna Albricoque is an ideal place to sit down for a great meal in the Santa Apolonia Station area. You can get coffee in the morning at Caffè Ritazza or Copenhagen Coffee Lab.


How do I get to Santa Apolonia Station?


You can drive to this part of the city where the Santa Apolónia Train Station is located, but parking can be tough to find and expensive. The Santa Apolónia subway station is on the blue line (Linha Azul). Local services for the subway also take you to Gare do Oriente Station on the Azambuja Line and to Parque Das Nações. Other trains run from here to Evora and other destinations. These locations include Braga, Coimbra, Porto, Guimaraes, and Fatima. Express trains to and from Porto also leave from Santa Apolónia Station.

If you are coming to the station from Lisbon Airport, it's a 15-minute drive or a 20-minute ride on public transportation.


How early should I arrive at Santa Apolonia Station?


The Santa Apolonia Station can get quite busy, so be sure that you do allow about ten to fifteen extra minutes for you to navigate the station and also head out to your next adventure. You will need to do some walking to get to your luggage storage near the Santa Apolonia Station as well, depending upon which company you choose to work with.


Can I store my bags inside Santa Apolonia Station?


There are storage lockers inside the Santa Apolonia Train Station, but they are only offered by a single company. There are better options for luggage storage near Santa Apolonia Station, but you can opt to store inside the station itself.


Can you rent a locker at Santa Apolonia Station?


You can rent lockers inside Santa Apolonia Station if you wish to do so. Santa Apolonia Train Station is one of the few places in this area that does offer this perk. There are both small locker options and large locker choices to make during opening hours.

Store your luggage in Santa Apolonia
Santa Apolonia luggage storage
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